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Polos is a synonym of uniforms. Nowadays uniform polos are considered as one of the best and comfortable work uniforms. With many companies adopting polos as their uniforms, It has become one of the major selling commodities in the uniform clothing industry. 

uniform polo

With the trend becoming popular and many people buying work uniforms polos, wearing one with style and looking confident is necessary. Here in this article of ours, we will let you know how well you can sport boring polos and look dashing!

Whether it is men or women, these tips will help you look your best in polos.

  1. Fabric plays an important role

Whether you are choosing Polos for yourself or for your known person or for an organisation choose the fabric wisely. Though cotton gives the best of comfort due to its natural fibres, it also demands a great deal of wash & aftercare.

Polyester is easy to maintain and returns to its original shape in a moments time and is great for people who work in the kitchen and factories which has spillage of liquids on a regular basis.  

Poly cotton provides the advantages of both making it more easier to care for and work with. This is best suitable for school uniforms and for long-duration wear as they give long-lasting comfort and with crease-free texture, Poly cotton becomes a hands-down first choice

  1. Always choose the right fit. Undoing the first 2 buttons of the shirt gives a good structure to your face. 
  2. Sleeves should often end at the mid of biceps and should fit snugly, neither too loose nor too tight. Any shirt sleeves that are loose makes your arms look smaller while tighter sleeves make your arms look tacky and bulky.
  3. Choose the length of the shirt mindfully. Always a right polo should end at the mid crotch making it a perfect fit. Anything lesser or longer will add to the discomfort of the wearer. 
  4. You can always pair a work polo with the right pair of jeans and chinos. 

With these things in mind, when you next shop for polos we are damn sure that you will pick the best polo shirt

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