Hi-Vis Workwear Now Available!


Hi Vis Workwear, whether it is Hi Vis Shirts, Hi vis Pants, Hi Vis Vests or Hi vis Jackets is a very important piece of cloth to everyone who works in a dangerous and life-threatening job environment.

Hi vis clothing is a must for any working employee who is involved in work like, construction works, road safety works, scuba diver and many other high-risk jobs. These jobs always require a certain amount of safety when at work. But without any safety wear, these works can be a task and risky. 

Without proper protection, any work environment can be risky. A Hi Vis Clothing on any of the work environment mentioned above is the safest option to be safe! Knowing the value of these Hi Vis Clothing, USA work uniforms bring you the best quality HI Vis Workwear.

It is the norm that if the job profile requires Hi Vis workwear, the employer should give it to the worker free of cost. If you are not provided with one and still you feel your work demands a FR shirt then, you should buy one for yourself today!

At USA work Uniforms we have a huge collection of HI VIs Workwear from brands that have proven their worth time and again as you deserve the best!

USA Work Uniforms carry brands like Redkap, Dickies, ML Kishigo HI Vis workwear. Each of the brands manufactures a great quality HI Vis workwear

A good HI Vis workwear is a must (where applicable) as per Australian standards. The Government has standards set for these clothes in Australia to safe the lives of their citizens who have risk during work. 

The standard HI Vis workwear that you must buy should comply with the following standards

  • AS/NZ 4602.1: 2011 High visibility safety garments – Garments for high-risk applications
  • AS/NZ 1906.4: 2010 Retroreflective materials and devices for road traffic control purposes – High visibility materials for safety garments. (plus Amendment 1; 2014)
  • AS/NZS 4602.2:2013 High visibility safety garments – Garments for fire service personnel

The HI Vis workwear from the brands that USA Work Uniforms carry is made as per standard compliance and protects to you to the max. 

Check out our entire range of HI Vis workwear here. If you are looking for more work uniformsCustom work shirts and Hi Vis workwear,  we at USA work Uniforms have a huge range of Hi Vis workwear clothing like HI VIs shirts, Hi Vis Pants, Hi Vis vests, Hi Vis coveralls, Hi Vis jackets, HI Vis Overalls and other Hi Vis clothing.

We provide Our Customers with a 30-day return policy upon delivery. WE SHIP ONLY IN THE USA! In stock, orders are usually shipped within 3 business days via USPS. If you place your order after 2 PM CST, it will not be processed until the following business day. Custom orders, holidays and weekends can affect the shipping timeline.

What are you waiting for? Shop now for the Hi Vis workwear and other work uniforms here at our USA Work Uniforms.

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